Hey, Trout and Bird here! 

A Moment Captured In Time
These Truly Are The Days

We are a couple created by Destiny and we are excited to bring our collective creativity to everyone!      Our family is our inspiration for the things we do and we appreciate the time we are able to share together.  We also enjoy Photography, Fly-Fishing, Hiking, Drawing, Music, Art, Creativity, The Outdoors, Cooking, Camping, Kayaking, Basketball, Snowboarding, Skateboarding and so much more. 

We love to cruise around on the back roads of Wisconsin, checking out the amazing landscape and capturing our view of the journey along the way for whomever appreciates it!  We want nothing more than to just hang out with each other and our two amazing kids, who constantly give us reasons to smile and keep a positive attitude about life!

                                              I hope you enjoy our journey through the South Western Wisconsin Driftless Area. 

                                                                    Bringing you a glimpse into what we see everyday.

Talk to you soon!  Trout and Bird


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