Capturing A Moment In Time

A Road Less Traveled

So Close...Yet So Far...

Caught Moitionless, As We Breathe In Mother Nature's Beauty, That Which Surrounds Us.

Couldn't Resist A Quick Cast In To The Stream!

A Moment Of Rest

The Journey Continues...

On We Go...

Where Are We? To Think This Is So Close To Us Here In Serene Wisconsin!

A Closer Look

It is very easy to forget how much beauty there is all around us.  Life moves at a lightening pace, years passing by in an instant.  Sometimes all it takes is a closer look to gain a new perspective.  Trout and I try to help eachother remember that as much as possible.  Simple pleasures like the scent of fresh cut hay, or the sounds of a gurgling stream, or the wind whistling throughout the trees…these are the memories that we remember later on. Thanks for joining us on our journey.

Thanks for checking out these pics of the amazing landscape of the South Western Driftless Area in Wisconsin.  Have a favorite Pic?  Let us know!  Feel free to contact us at:

All pictures in this post are compliments of Trout MaGee.  Article Written by Bird MaGee.


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