Lucky To Have A Father Like You!

Father’s play a very important role in their children’s lives.  For some they are the most important person in their lives, and for others they may not be present in their life at all.  It is in keeping with this spirit that I must give my hubby Trout MaGee a tribute on this special day of the year. 

Happy Father’s Day to you and all Amazing Father’s out there.  After all he plays and loves and laughs and hugs and protects and supports and devotes his time happily to our kids every single day.  He provides an amazing example to our two children.  It seems one could only wish for a dad like this one!!

Our kids are lucky to have a Father like you, MaGee!!

Here is an Ode to Trout MaGee on Father’s Day, featuring some of my favorite stuff from his creative mind:   

Our Kids, Ocean and Sephora relishing in the huge catch their Dad just reeled in!

Bonding TimeA Father’s Dream- Fishing with his son.  Teaching him some of his skills!





Knowing his daughter’s love and fascination with Toads and Frogs, Trout MaGee loves surprising our daughter with a little guy just for her to check out. Then we let them go “back to their family” until Dad’s next surprise find.  She gets so excited!  It’s little things like this that separate the good from the great Father’s.




Garbage Picking on Earth Day

Trout MaGee is great about taking the kids out on Earth Day and Cleaning up our local roadways!  Back Road Cruises are always better without litter everywhere, not to mention teaching our kids the importance of keeping our landscape clean and healthy for the environment and the natural wildlife, so that our Grandchildren can Fish and enjoy the very same Streams, Rivers and Country Back Roads that we are today!

Trout MaGee will also carry his kids across Streams, cause that’s the kind of Father he is!

So to Trout Magee and Great Fathers everywhere thanks for the powerful impact you are creating for your own children!  With Father’s Day approaching, this is the perfect time to let your Dad’s know how much you care,  and you can make sure to show your appreciation for all of his hard work, dedication and most of all his unwavering love!!! 




                                                                                                 HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL!!!



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