Where Ever the Road May Lead Us…..

Here are some pictures taken while driving along on a Southwest Wisconsin highway/back road.   Sometimes we need to just slow down and take in the beauty of what we seem to fly by at 60 without even batting an eye at what we are missing. 


Barn's are disappearing , it is always great to see some still standing.


I grew up as a boy on a dairy farm.  It was owned by my Grandfather and my Dad helped out with the running of the farm.  I always loved watching the fields come to life as the summer began.  Old country roads where the fields were 360 degrees.







One of my favorite reasons to take a sweet country back road, is to get to some of the finest trout fishing in the country.  Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is known for its plentiful streams full of Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout.  Some of my favorite fly fishing spots are those on some gravel road in the middle of who knows where. 

This blog will be all about what is up around the bend for us.  Where ever the road may lead.  We will be posting about all the different things we encounter in search of that next beautiful back road.   Orchards, Dive Bars and Restaurants, Hiking, Fishing and everything in between.  So make sure to check back in and see where the back roads will lead us Drifters to next…….??????????


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